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I have cookies!

Take a good look at them. Don’t they look delicious?

Okay, I lied. I don’t have cookies, and if I did I would be eating them myself. I’m just trying to lure you in, so you won’t think this is just another one of the millions of half-assed travel blogs out there.

Which it totally is, full disclosure.

I’d say the half-assed part won’t be true for this, but as I am a student on a limited budget, I won’t be able to travel full time. However, I do spend all of my extra money on traveling and even as I’m writing this, I’m touring Colombia. I have traveled as often as possible, but so far mostly in Europe and this is my first longer, self-organized trip. I figured I might as well share the experience online, and I hope to help others the same way other travel blogs have helped me. will be a place for everyone: from those who experience wanderlust all the time, to those who simply enjoy a relaxed holiday to escape their everyday routine occasionally. So bring your seat into an upright position, buckle your seat belt and get ready for take off – it’s going to be a long and exciting journey.